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Chef Anthony and Pork Bolognese Recipe
Fore Newsletter March - Chef Anthony

On the Apron

with Chef Anthony Pupo

Growing up in Harrisburg and vacationing in Uniontown to visit his grandmother in the home where his mother was raised, Executive Chef Anthony Pupo remembers the food. So much food. His Italian-Polish ancestry lends itself well to family and food. "I can recall as a young boy waking up and coming downstairs as the family was preparing for a wedding reception with 700 guests; everyone was scurrying around the kitchen making the food for the reception – and everything was homemade!" Chef Anthony says.

Today, the man at the helm of the kitchens at The Club at Nevillewood, Chef Anthony carries that family tradition onward making only pastas from scratch and sauces using the freshest local ingredients for all the adult offerings on the Club's various menus.

Chef Anthony shares below one of his favorites and knows that if you make it as well, it'll become one of your favorites, too. Maybe even starting a family tradition of your own!

Pork Bolognese

Chef Anthony says this is one of his favorite sauces to make because "you can basically use any meat that you want. I try to stay away from ground meats personally, because I feel meats like pork shoulder give the sauce a better texture. I’ve used beef short rib, veal shanks, lamb and even wild boar in addition to the pork shoulder. Many times in addition to pancetta, I use charcuterie ends, like prosciutto, salami and capicola. Many of you may be surprised to see milk in the recipe. This addition brings lactic acid into the sauce, which helps tenderize the meat."

This recipe makes a gallon of sauce (16 1-cup servings), but it can be easily halved or the leftovers can be frozen for future dinners. Chef Anthony recommends you make this sauce a day or two in advance before needing to serve it - storing it in the refrigerator to allow the ingredients to meld for a more flavorful sauce. Rewarm before serving.


1 lb. boneless pork shoulder
4 oz. olive oil
8 oz. pancetta, cut into 1/4 inch cubes
6 oz. chopped garlic
2 large white onions, 1/4 inch dice
1 head of celery, 1/4 inch dice
1 cup red wine
1 cup whole milk
2-32 oz. can San Marzano whole plum tomatoes
To taste: salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes


Turn burner on high heat and place a heavy bottom sauce pot on the flame. Add the olive oil. Season pork shoulder liberally with salt and pepper. Sear the pork on all sides, browning the meat. When the meat is seared on all sides, remove from pot and set aside.

Lower heat, and add pancetta to render. Stir occasionally. When pancetta is crispy, add the onions, celery and garlic and sweat until vegetables become caramelized.

Add the red wine and milk, and reduce by half.

Open the tomatoes, and with your hands crush the tomatoes in your hands, so they
remain chunky. Add the rest of the tomato juice.

Add the seared pork back to tomato mixture and bring to a simmer, stirring often to prevent burning. Add desired seasonings, and cook sauce until the pork shoulder is tender.

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About Executive Chef Anthony Pupo

The Club at Nevillewood's Executive Chef Anthony Pupo has been with the Club since February 2017 after holding many top chef positions at some of the East Coast's best-known restaurants. Classically educated at the pinnacle of culinary arts institutions, Chef Anthony graduated from Johnson & Wales and had the opportunity to intern at Gillette Stadium for the New England Patriots, Legal Seafood, as well as at the much-celebrated Magnolia in Charleston, South Carolina. Most recently, as the Executive Chef at Nine on Nine and Meat & Potatoes, Chef Anthony decided to use his experience and merge his passions of sports and cooking and accepted the Club's offer of employment to the top spot for our dining and banquette functions. He greatly appreciates the Club's Board of Directors allowing him to express his entrepreneurial spirit by offering changes to the menus six times a year that demonstrate his creativity in tastes and creating various pairings that bring out the most flavor in all his dishes. As a member of the Club, Chef Anthony's expertise in the kitchen can be experienced Tuesdays through Sundays 11a-9p.

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