A top-tier golf experience

The centerpiece of The Club at Nevillewood is the Jack Nicklaus Signature Course that opened for play in 1992.

The Club at Nevillewood boasts one of the finest golf courses in the region. Here, on the area’s only Jack Nicklaus Signature Course, players of all levels can experience the game at its most enjoyable. It’s a challenging course – difficult enough to be interesting, but not a handicap-wrecker. As one member says, “Even though we golf at very different skill levels, my wife and I both love playing at Nevillewood; it’s just right.” 

Superb greens…level sight lines…incredible views on each hole…these are just a few of the things that make the course at Nevillewood so unique. 

  • The Club at Nevillewood Golf Course
    • The entire routing plan, including the location and contour of all greens, tees, fairways and bunkers were personally designed by Jack Nicklaus. The golf course was built with the attention to detail and personal stamp of excellence that is synonymous with Mr. Nicklaus' career as a player and designer.

      After playing this wonderful course, you will see why Jack Nicklaus is, in addition to being the greatest golfer to ever play the game, also one of the premier golf course designers of any era. Just as course management was one of Mr. Nicklaus' greatest strengths as a player, he is also known as a designer who always leaves players with more than one option to play a hole. It is these different options that allow players of all skill levels to enjoy his courses, and also allow the course to play differently every time you play.

      Mr. Nicklaus' goal was to build the finest golf course in western Pennsylvania. Now that the course is perennially ranked as one of the best designed, most enjoyable and best maintained courses in Pittsburgh, you will see why Mr. Nicklaus has once again achieved his goal.

  • Design Philosophy
    • The golf course was designed to accommodate golfers of all skill levels by having multiple teeing areas, generous fairway landing areas, and mounding around greens and along fairways to help contain wayward golf shots.

      All of these design features were incorporated throughout the golf course to make it fair and enjoyable to play for all members and guests.

      The golf course at The Club at Nevillewood

      Proper course management by golfers of all skill levels will enhance their enjoyment of the course and lower their scores. Although the fairways are wide, a well struck tee shot should target the position on the fairway that provides the player with the best angle to approach the green. This is generally a smaller portion of the larger overall fairway. The side of the fairway with the greatest risk (a close proximity to fairway bunkers or nearest a swale in the rough) will provide the greatest reward (the best angle of approach into the green). 

      The deep bunkering around the greens and various hole locations separated by sloping contours on the greens make the course a challenging test for even the most accomplished players. All holes were designed with added difficulty for the direct route to the most difficult hole locations, but there is also a safer access to the front portion of every green. 

      As a general rule, the teeing areas are offset so that as you move back from one teeing area to the next, the additional length plus the more difficult line of play combine to make each subsequent teeing area more difficult than the one in front. The Nicklaus (gold) Tees will provide a challenging and championship caliber test for even the most accomplished players. 

      The four forward sets of tees were designed to accommodate golfers of all abilities. Players should select the proper teeing area to ensure that they are most able to play the golf course as it was intended to be played. If players have selected the proper teeing area, after a well struck tee shot they will ideally have reached the widest part of the fairway, and will be hitting the same club (not necessarily from the same distance) into the green that a scratch player would be hitting when he/she played from the Nicklaus Tees. 

      The teeing area that will allow players of different abilities to play the course most closely to the way it was intended to be played by Jack Nicklaus, and therefore maximize their enjoyment of the course, should be based on how far they hit the ball, not on what their handicap or average score is.

  • Maintenance Philosophy
    • Course maintenance is always focused on accentuating and enhancing the design characteristics of the golf course.

      The maintenance of the course will not be geared toward one caliber of player, but rather to maintain the architectural integrity of the course while providing conditions that the majority of the membership can enjoy. The maintenance philosophy can be summed up by saying that well played golf shots should be rewarded and poor shots should be penalized. 

      Nevillewood members take great pride in belonging to a club that has a championship caliber golf course that is also an enjoyable course to play on a daily basis. Whether you are playing as a guest or a member who plays quite often, we are certain that your Nevillewood golf experience will be a memorable one!

  • Sustainable Course Maintenance Practices
    • The Club at Nevillewood has been a leader in environmentally responsible golf course maintenance practices since the course was built in 1991.

      Water hole at The Club at Nevillewood

      Nevillewood was the first golf course facility in Pennsylvania to have above ground fuel storage tanks that are encased in concrete. We were the first course with a self-contained equipment wash pad, and one of the first courses to establish no-mow fescue areas (which now total 40 acres) as a way to enhance the aesthetics of the course while also minimizing the amount of fertilizer and water that is required and the amount of routine mowing that is necessary.

      We have been using organic fertilizers in fairways and roughs (pasteurized poultry manure) for a decade, and we even have the material loaded into bulk storage silos so they are no fertilizer bags to throw away.

      We have been pro-actively protecting our water resources by incorporating vegetative buffer strips along the course’s water features wherever it is practical, and we capture a third of our irrigation water through our extensive storm water drainage network. Our recently expanded irrigation pump house was built to safely store liquid fertilizers that can be used at ultra light rates so there are no fertilizer granules washed off target in a rain event.

      We always select the most drought tolerant, disease and pest resistant grass varieties for our course improvement or renovation projects, and even for filling divots, as new varieties become commercially available. We utilize the latest, most environmentally friendly pesticides at the lowest use rates possible. We are on the cutting edge of equipment technology by incorporating electric hybrid mowers and vehicles into our equipment inventory whenever possible as a way to minimize our fuel consumption.

      The various wildlife species on the course including deer, turkeys, ducks, blue jays, blue heron, etc are a testament to the harmony that exists between our world-class golf course and its natural surroundings

  • Course Scorecard
    •   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 In
      Nicklaus 427 452 553 423 195 401 530 174 414 3569
      Tournament 374 433 522 403 185 391 514 160 388 3370
      Member 352 410 494 388 155 367 501 149 351 3167
      MENS HANDICAP  12 2 16 6 14 8 10 18 4  
      PAR 4 4 5 4 3 4 5 3 4 36
      LADIES HANDICAP  16 12 2 6 14 8 10 18 4  
      Signature 314 350 440 332 128 323 425 128 308 2748
      Forward 275 309 411 322 128 304 380 101 267 2497

        10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Out TOTAL
      Nicklaus 406 420 570 211 438 555 438 181 440 3659 7228
      Tournament 378 395 542 203 423 518 421 168 415 3463 6833
      Member 342 369 507 188 383 496 390 158 384 3217 6384
      MENS HANDICAP  9 13 7 11 1 15 3 17 5    
      PAR 4 4 5 3 4 5 4 3 4 36 72
      LADIES HANDICAP  9 13 3 15 7 11 1 17 5    
      Signature 307 324 478 168 333 465 368 139 345 2927 5675
      Forward 266 283 434 151 301 421 368 123 295 2642 5139

      Tees  Color  Slope/ Rating 
        Nicklaus  (Gold)  146 / 74.9 
        Tournament  (Blue)  142 / 73.2 
        Member  (White)   136 / 68.4 
        Signature  (Green)  121 / 68.4 
        Member  (White)  141 / 76.8 
        Signature   (Green)  133 / 73.0 
        Forward  (Red)  123 / 70.4 

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